How Loverly Revitalized the Wedding World

Kellee Khalil

with Kellee Khalil

Founder and CEO of

How Loverly Revitalized the Wedding World

How Loverly Revitalized the Wedding World 1091 1200 33Voices

Kellee and Jenna discuss key growth lessons learned leading Loverly and the team’s mission to become “the biggest wedding planner in the world.”

Learning Points

  • How to connect with and network with early stage investors and what to look for in potential partners
  • How to evaluate investor feedback; Use the rule of 3. When you hear three people say something, consider it.
  • Tips to navigate early hiring — You need team members with a high threshold for discomfort — delegating tasks as a solo founder, and learning how to work with different personalities
  • Determining cultural fit at a startup and the 90-day gut check; Individuals’ values outside of work are a strong indication of their long-term potential at your company.
  • How to navigate a startup pivot
  • Micro-tests and determining which KPIs to test and why; “The small things have a big impact.”