How Notarize is Building an Enduring Business


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How Notarize is Building an Enduring Business

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Adam, Pat, and Jenna discuss Notarize’s first year and the team’s strategic efforts to build a habit changing product. 

Learning Points

  • Notarize for Business and the team’s goals to eliminate the last mile of digitization for companies  
  • Finding the right co-founder; “If you’re going to go through the trenches with someone you don’t want someone who’s going to get bogged down by the nay sayers.” 
  • Adam and Pat’s commitment to spend one-on-one time with every constituent in Notarize’s business and why founder involvement is critical to scaling 
  • How to navigate your first pitches and why entrepreneurs shouldn’t focus heavily on disruption without adequate explanation 
  • How to balance listening to your customers and partners while effectively demonstrating your vision 
  • The importance of prioritizing an individual’s evolution during the hiring process and how to grow your team in accordance with your product 
  • Why clarity is more important than experimentation when building your business; “Build an enduring product, not a science project.” 
  • Adam and Pat’s fortune cookie advice: “People will follow you if you know where you’re going” and “Just make progress.”