How Primary Became a Canvas for Creativity


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How Primary Became a Canvas for Creativity

How Primary Became a Canvas for Creativity 720 720 33Voices

Galyn, Christina, and Jenna discuss the values shaping Primary’s mediagenic marketing campaigns, why they invested in a creative department from day one, and how they evaluate and implement customer feedback. 

Learning Points

  • How to create a brand that becomes a canvas for your customers 
  • The inspiration behind Primary’s creative Halloween ads
  • The power of marketing on Facebook and how to harness the dialogue on social media 
  • Why you should build your creative department from day one 
  • How to craft an authentic and inviting brand voice  
  • How to evaluate and implement customer feedback 
  • The questions the Primary team asks before designing a new product
  • The value of discussing projects that you aren’t going to pursue 
  • Why staying true to your mission and being open aren’t mutually exclusive  
  • When it’s time to divide and conquer with your co-founder and how to navigate the shift