How SelfScore is Redefining the Credit System

Kalpesh Kapadia

with Kalpesh Kapadia

Co-founder and CEO SelfScore

How SelfScore is Redefining the Credit System

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Kalpesh and Jenna discuss how SelfScore is equipping international students with the financial opportunities they deserve, the future of banking, and the power of purpose for founders.

Learning Points

  • How SelfScore is empowering international students to build their credit history and healthy financial habits 
  • The a-ha moment that shaped SelfScore’s business model 
  • Mapping out SelfScore’s long-term vision and prioritizing user experience to become the go-to destination for students
  • Banking as a backend utility and how Netflix’s evolution relates to Kalpesh’s prediction of the system’s disruption 
  • How Kalpesh’s work as an investor influences his decision-making strategy as a founder; “You make bets on people and products just like you’re making bets on companies.”  
  • Filling in Kalpesh’s four-pronged hiring framework: Attitude, aptitude, energy, and integrity 
  • The power of consistency and discipline; “You don’t have to be a hero to succeed in business. You just have to do things repeatedly in a consistent and smart way.”