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Built for Growth

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Moe Abdou is joined by Chris Kuenne & John Danner to discuss their latest book – Built For Growth.  

How A Founder’s Personality Shapes The Growth of A Business

If you’ve ever discounted the impact that a founder’s personality has on shaping his/her business – think again.  

While it’s certainly true that we live in an era where it’s never been easier to start a business; growing a business of consequence is no easy feat for anyone.  Founders who are true builders understand that they must ‘convert ideas into products, galvanize individual talent for collaborative impact, transform buyers into partners, align financial and executive support, and elevate their business to meaningful scale – all the while they’re fighting the status quo.’  

There are many paths to scale, but as Chris Kuenne and John Danner will reveal in their book – Built For Growth:  How Builder Personality Shapes Your Business, Your Team, and Your Ability to Win – “the personality of the leader or founder is the animating force in building any new business.”  This is a brilliant book that will demonstrate why any personal or professional success will forever be anchored in one’s ability to ‘know thyself’.  Here’s a sampling of the questions that we discuss: 

  • Are certain people just wired for entrepreneurial success?
  • The four builder personalities – Drivers, Explorers, Crusaders, and Captains
  • What to expect when working with each of the four personalities?
  • The role of the customer within each personality type
  • The Explorer’s path to sustainable scale 
  • Choosing a co-founder & improving the odds of a successful partnership
  • Why Captains are pivotal to any team’s enduring success 
  • Resources: