How to Accelerate Success

Shane Snow

with Shane Snow

Co-Founder of Contently

How to Accelerate Success

How to Accelerate Success 667 1000 33Voices

Moe and Shane discuss the theory behind ‘smartcuts’ and how hackers, innovators and icons accelerate success.

Accelerating Success

Earlier this month, Dan Primack published a short piece in Fortune magazine highlighting the potential changes that the tech incubator, Techstars is implementing in 2015.  As one of the preeminent startup accelerators, Techstars will become the first such accelerator to offer its startups an ‘equity-back guarantee’ if they are less than satisfied with the results of their program.  Known for their practical experience, rich network, and hands-on approach; Techstars ‘crams two or three years worth of entrepreneurial experience into a three month period’ that will likely inject the type of confidence and creditability that’s absolutely essential for their member companies to succeed.  In short, they shrink the learning curve.

“It took us five month to raise our seed round, but because of techstars, we raised our series A in under than a month” recounts Contently co-founder, and techstars alum, Shane Snow.  To him, this is a Smartcut– and it’s how he see hackers, innovators and icons accelerate success.  Here’s why their breakthrough solutions start with reframing the problem.