How to Build Magnetic Brands

Sunny Bonnell

with Sunny Bonnell

Co-Founder of Motto

How to Build Magnetic Brands

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Branding maven, and co-founder of the branding + design agency Motto, Sunny Bonnell joins Moe Abdou to discuss the essence of a modern brand.

Fortune Favors the Bold

Just for fun, over the past month, I asked ten branding experts to describe for me the essence of building a modern brand; and as my hunch expected, I got ten different variations of the same answer: trust.  

Certainly trust is the pillar of any genuine relationship, still this generation demands more. To them, design and craftsmanship are no longer enough, a brand has to stand for something much bigger than the promise of quality.  They expect you to understand their concerns, support their social causes, and always, always remain authentic.  In the words of Eminem, they expect a brand to have ‘enemies’ because that means {they} actually stood for something.‘   

It goes without saying that creativity is the driving force of this generation; they want to be entertained, informed and stimulated — that’s why traditional marketing will never reach them.   Branding as we know is dead, companies that win the hearts and wallets today ignite movements. As you’ll quickly learn from my conversation with Sunny Bonnell, co-founder of the branding agency, Motto, that requires ‘Apple’ type of ingenuity.   

Here’s what we explore:

  • Defining a modern brand

  • The process of capturing the essence of a brand promise

  • The most important questions that a leader asks to avoid irrelevance

  • Why Trust isn’t enough

  • Where to look for inspiration and ingenuity

  • The crucial principles of a successful partnership

  • The right way to say ‘no’