How to Curate Trends

Rohit Bhargava

with Rohit Bhargava

Founder of the Influential Marketing Group

How to Curate Trends

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Moe and Rohit Bhargava talk about how to think different, curate your ideas and get better at predicting what will be important tomorrow based on learning to better observe patterns in the world today.

Becoming a Trend Curator

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I always look forward to at the end of each year is the trends to watch predictions.  Every major publication, thousands of bloggers and self-proclaimed experts use the opportunity to forecast the more compelling ideas whose impact, they predict will be felt during the upcoming year.  Rarely are any of them accurate, and more often than not, everyone is just spinning the same story — call it the obvious.  Still, they capture attention, but why?

For the past four years, Rohit Bhargava has published his own list of trends to watch, except he refers to his as, the Non-Obvious Trend Report.  “A great trend is a unique curated observation about the accelerating present”  he writes in his latest book, Non-Obvious: How to Think Different, Curate Ideas & Predict The Future.  To him, the most powerful trends offer a glimpse into the short-term future, and integrated properly they can, and often do give you an edge in the marketplace.  If you want proof, listen to my follow-up conversation with Rohit, and pay particular attention to these areas:

  • Distinguishing the useless vs the useful trends

  • The Haystack method of identifying the non-obvious

  • The 5 habits of effective trend curation

  • How the best marketers filter out the noise

  • The non-obvious trends to watch in 2015

  • Marketing 2015

  • The most valuable thing a modern business has to offer