How To Reform A Business School

Ashish Jaiswal

with Ashish Jaiswal

Founder of The School of Business Schools

How To Reform A Business School

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Moe and Ashish Jaiswal discuss how business schools can break the shackles of the ordinary and to implement a relevant curriculum for the 21st century.

The Future of Business Schools

If you’ve ever contemplated the challenges facing business schools or higher education in general, take a listen to what Oxford University scholar, Ashish Jaiswal has to say about the future of MBA programs.  His recently published book, gives us an inside look at how Yale’s School of Management has transcended the conventional curriculum in favor of a more modern, integrated approach to learning that favors the entrepreneurial mind.  

Here’s what will guide our discussion:

  • The disconnect between a student’s expectations and the reality of an MBA program

  • The most critical missing ingredient of today’s most prestigious programs

  • What the Yale’s School of Management got right

  • Why philosophy in the classroom matters

  • The right blend of hard and soft skills

  • What the future MBA program is likely to look like

  • What to look for when hiring an MBA