How to Succeed by Living with Purpose

Jairek Robbins

with Jairek Robbins

Performance Coach

How to Succeed by Living with Purpose

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Moe and Jairek Robbins discuss ‘Live It!’ and the methods for becoming the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled version of yourself.

Your Life = Your Habits

Too often, we shun the power of articulating and writing down our goals.  I, for one have been inconsistent at setting short term goals, but I’ve never, ever failed to have a vision for my life.  I’ve always known that contributing to the success and wellbeing of others is what I’ve been called to do, and each day, I make it my highest priority to do at least one thing to help someone move forward.  

Like most, I start each January by crystallizing my goals for the coming year, and despite a thorough quarterly review, I hadn’t made it a habit to regularly track my progress until this past January.  Going into this year, I committed to doing just one thing differently: I vowed to start each day being clear on three key objectives, and ending each day highlighting three key achievements. As simple as that may sound, the impact on my productivity and state of happiness has been tremendous.   There’s an abundance of scientific research that confirms that once our brain is clear on a target, it owns it and once we own something, we invest a part of ourselves into it; it becomes an extension of ourselves.  

Jairek Robbins is one who attributes his personal and professional growth to the simple habit of having a vision for his ideal day.  In his book, Live It!:  Achieve Success by Living with Purpose, he’ll walk you through his three-step process to expanding your vision.  While his philosophy isn’t anything you haven’t heard before, still what you’ll notice in our conversation is a unique set of habits that accelerates his progress.  

Here’s what we discuss:

  • Why your morning routine really matters

  • Changing the story you tell yourself about yourself

  • Designing your ‘idea day’

  • The habit of focusing on the major things that matter

  • The three opponent that are most likely impeding your growth

  • Turning self doubt into self respect

  • The great gift he learned from his dad, Tony Robbins