How UrbanSitter is Driving Long-Term Impact

Lynn Perkins

with Lynn Perkins

CEO and Founder at UrbanSitter

How UrbanSitter is Driving Long-Term Impact

How UrbanSitter is Driving Long-Term Impact 200 200 33Voices

Lynn and Jenna discuss the emotional and technical aspects of building an authentic peer-to-peer marketplace. 

Learning Points

  • Designing UrbanSitter to mirror real life interactions – “We want to mimic the trust that happens when parents look for child care offline” (Learn more in this great First Round Review article
  • How UrbanSitter created a flexible system to quickly adapt to user needs – You can’t scale your team at the same rate as your growth. 
  • An inside look into UrbanSitter’s culture – It’s real and right for them – and the practices that make working remotely seamless  
  • Hiring a team that can grow with your company and how to navigate the process of changing or sharing your role 
  • How to unearth your team members’ talents, cultivate them, and empower them to embrace them in your organization 
  • UrbanSitter’s bi-monthly Drop the Mic tradition and how it enables them to “recognize team members bursts of productivity”
  • Dream UrbanSitter job? $35 an hour to shop with a teenager in NYC for three days