Innovating the Way Men Dress

Kyle Vucko

with Kyle Vucko

CEO & Co-Founder of Indochino

Innovating the Way Men Dress

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Chase Jennings and Jenna Abdou interview Kyle Vucko, co-founder and CEO (and investor) of Indochino

Cultivate Your Personal Vision of Sucess

Written by Jenna Abdou

When Kyle Vucko explained that each individual has to have a personal vision of success I instantly thought of David Ogilvy’s quote: “Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark. Aim for the company of immortals.”
Although part of Kyle’s vision includes Indochino’s goal to ‘help guys get dressed,’ I appreciated his advice because it has more to do with personal fulfillment than professional success.

As startup culture replaces the traditional 9 to 5 it’s easy to become wrapped up in our work and forget what our bigger mission is. However, the ability to stay present, to be YOU before being a founder, is the distinguishing factor of the leaders running billion dollar companies.

So take Kyle’s advice. Cultivate your personal vision of success – down to celebrating a friend’s birthday to maintaining a healthy lifestyle – and see how your sense of fulfillment deepens.

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