How Exo is Changing the Food Industry

Gabi Lewis

with Gabi Lewis

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Exo Protein

How Exo is Changing the Food Industry

How Exo is Changing the Food Industry 672 559 33Voices

Gabi shares the deliberate steps Exo is taking to build a brand capable of bringing insect protein to the masses.

Learning Points

  • Exo’s recent Series A and what the funding represents for the evolution of the insect protein market
  • The longstanding benefits of consuming and farming crickets and how the protein compares to conventional livestock; According to a recent study conducted by the United Nations, it is 20 times more efficient
  • Exo’s deliberate approach to growth and how they’re scaling to fulfill surprisingly high consumer demand while establishing a strong foundation for the brand
  • Why the team believes radical diversity is critical to their success and the hiring process they utilize to identify candidates who are eager and ready to make an impact in the food industry
  • Gabi and Greg’s personal commitment to rely on advisors, investors, and partners such as Tim Ferriss and the Co-Founders of AccelFoods, Lauren Jupiter and Jordan Gaspar, to gain a holistic view of their business
  • Daily life at Exo, how the team creates and iterates their flavors, and an inside look into Exo Elite: “A monthly subscription service on steroids.”
  • Why the team “has never viewed themselves as a protein bar company” and what you can expect in the future