Inspiring Millennials to Lead On Purpose

Jon Mertz

with Jon Mertz

VP of Marketing at Corepoint Health

Inspiring Millennials to Lead On Purpose

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Moe and Jon Mertz talk about an innovative leadership strategy for all Gen Y leaders to become mission-minded visionaries changing the world.

Activating Millennial Leadership

If you’ve followed our work for the slightest of time, you undoubtedly know the passion and commitment that we have for this generation of business builders and their emerging leaders.  Living with two Millennials in my own household, I feed off their enthusiasm and zest for life.  Their sense of wonder ignites a contagious optimism that challenges old habits, debunks traditional hierarchies, and annihilates stale leadership models.  To them, leadership never discriminates, is always inclusive, and hardly linear.  

I recently had the opportunity to get to know Jon Mertz and learn about the impact that his work is having on Millennial leaders. Mertz is a highly accomplished professional in the healthcare field who made it his highest priority to not only understand the expectations of his Millennial workforce, but to embrace it with such vigor as to ignite their inner greatness.  In his book, Activate Leadership: Aspen Truths To Empower Millennial Leaders, he draws wisdom from the Aspen groves to activate the best in this generation.  

Here’s a glimpse of his his message:

  • Like Aspens, you are designed to thrive.  Lead with what uniquely stirs your heart, mind and soul.

  • You move more quickly than other generations.  Be patient, but don’t wait for approval from others on what matters most.

  • You connect more widely than any generation.  Activate that connection advantage to build true relationships and collaborate to create.

  • Demand meaningful work and ignite sparks for your peers to lead on purpose.

  • Don’t get stuck in information analysis.  Readily convert what you learn into constructive actions and real results.  

  • Jon and I will dive deeper into each of these pillars plus share the modern leaders who exemplify these pillars