Jenni Kayne On Making Memories & Celebrating Life

Jenni Kayne

with Jenni Kayne

Designer & Founder of Jenni Kayne & Author of Pacific Natural

Jenni Kayne On Making Memories & Celebrating Life

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Designer and Pacific Natural author Jenni Kayne and Jenna discuss how we can design the life we most desire and choose how we experience it by cultivating an abundant mindset, slowing down, and coming together to celebrate life.

Jenni Kayne On Making Memories & Celebrating Life

In the forward to Jenni Kayne’s book Pacific Natural Martha Stewart writes that for Jenni, “celebrating with family and friends is always an occasion.” Celebration is the theme I personally took from the book — A form of gratitude for being alive and appreciating the blessings you have in your life. Since reading, I’ve found myself spending more time observing the spring flowers blooming and placing them around the house, thinking about how we can create more family traditions, and bringing friends together.

I believe the values Jenni discusses in Pacific Natural— slowing down, living seasonally, and creating memories — are as she shares “paramount to being successful and happy.” As a long-time fan, I was delighted to have her on the podcast to chat about how simply we can put each of these values into practice and the profoundly positive, and immediate, impact they have on our wellbeing. These are the insights I’ve been reflecting on since our chat.

Celebrate every day

One of my favorite parts of the book is the way Jenni describes the fall season: “…the slow changing colors of the leaves remind me of the impermanence of the seasons and the importance of taking a moment to pause. When the harvest brings an abundance, let it be an occasion to celebrate.” When you slow down and become more present, especially in nature, you realize that abundance is endless and all around us. Every day then deserves to be celebrated. As the Sufi saying goes: “Abundance can be had simply by consciously receiving what has already been given.”

Create memories and traditions with your loved ones

The core of Pacific Natural and much of Jenni’s life’s work centers on the belief that “coming together with friends and family, creating memories and traditions, and having a community is what life is all about.”

I especially appreciate the way Jenni emphasizes that celebratory moments and bringing people together can and should be done easily and often. Gatherings and traditions can be inspired by anything; Welcoming the summer with a picnic. Making apple pie with friends in the fall, or inviting them over to have breakfast for dinner.

For many of us, envisioning our most fulfilled life centers on having more time with the people we care about. Through being present, intentional and believing that it’s always a good time to come together, we can begin living that life right now.

Slow Down

Leading a thriving lifestyle brand, with seven stores, running a content platform, being present for her family, and hosting friends up to six times a month, more in the summer, makes it appear like slowing down would be impossible for Jenni. And, yet she believes the opposite; That the way we move through life is our choice, for which she’s personally chosen to go through her’s with “ease and grace.” She, of course, still faces the demands of a full life. Though, by actively reminding herself that she doesn’t need to live in a state of anxiety or rushing she continues to focus on what matters.

Follow her lead by choosing to be more present. Slow down and be grateful for every day — Just like the seasons, they’ll pass swiftly if you don’t pause to appreciate them.