Joy as a Compass

Kendra Bracken-Ferguson

with Kendra Bracken-Ferguson

Founder of BrainTrust and CEO of rē•spin

Joy as a Compass

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Carpe Diem. It’s the belief that inspires BrainTrust Founder and rē•spin CEO Kendra Bracken-Ferguson to create her spectacularly full life. My favorite thing about Kendra is her vibrant optimism. We chat about how to cultivate joy through gratitude and focus on the positive by asking: What is the best thing that can happen? 

Our authenticity stems from our relationship with ourselves and influences our ability to step into our power. We discuss how stillness enables us to be our true selves and prioritize what matters most. With faith as the throughline of her life, Kendra shares her “Turn fear into faith” prayer and the extraordinary nights she’s woken up to get down on her knees and pray. She’s learned that those prayers for peace, patience, and strength always precede the days she needs them.