Discovering Holistic Health and Vitality

Lauren Roxburgh

with Lauren Roxburgh

Author, Holistic Health Pioneer, Founder of the Aligned Life Studio

Discovering Holistic Health and Vitality

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“If the soul is not in the body, where is the soul?”

I’ve always been intrigued by this question from Walt Whitman. So, it caught my attention when I heard Lauren Roxburgh say that our “fascia is transmitting our soul in our bodies.”

Lauren is a pioneer in body alignment, holistic health, and fascia (the connective tissue that wraps under our skin and around our organs like a spider web). Everything clicked when she explained that when there is tension in our fascia—which can manifest as knots and tightness—our life force energy is blocked.

She describes fascia as a “living matrix—holding and remembering everything that we experience in our lives.” When we feel overwhelmed by an experience, it gets stored in our fascia. In our conversation, we explore how her healing modality of movement medicine helps us move our emotions and experiences outside of our body, without even talking. Then, with a newfound sense of freedom, shift from trying to control life to becoming more open, receptive, and trusting.