Leading Yourself & Others

Sean Lynch

with Sean Lynch

Leadership consultant, and Bestselling author

Leading Yourself & Others

Leading Yourself & Others 400 400 33Voices

Moe Abdou is joined by leadership consultant, Sean Lynch to explore the intangibles of modern leadership.  

What if you can’t lead yourself?

Each one of us has our own perspective on leadership and its defining traits; still what’s not debatable is the notion that admired leaders, first and foremost, have a high degree of self-awareness – for how can one ignite greatness in others if she can’t first light her own flame. 

No one will argue that leadership is plain difficult, and as you’ll discover in this latest episode of the 33voices Dialogues with Leadstar’s Sean Lynch, the most admired leaders never stop challenging their own assumptions.  Here are a few of the questions that guide our conversation:

  • What makes the act of leadership so difficult?
  • How can each of us manage the garbage, both internally and externally from derailing our ability to lead?
  • A portrait of the modern leader 
  • Why most of us don’t trust our leaders?
  • The four pillars of credibility
  • A process to guide your toughest decisions
  • When a leader has lost his confidence – what what should he do?