Leading the Innovation Engine at Intuit Labs Incubator

Hugh Molotsi

with Hugh Molotsi

Vice President of Intuit Labs Incubator

Leading the Innovation Engine at Intuit Labs Incubator

Leading the Innovation Engine at Intuit Labs Incubator 400 401 33Voices

Moe and Hugh Molotsi discuss the innovation engine at Intuit Labs, what makes Intuit so unique and their secret to employee retention.

Launching Succesful Products

Since its founding, Intuit has been improving the financial lives of their customers ‘so profoundly, they couldn’t imagine going back to the old way.’   That axiom from founder Scott Cook, rings as true today as it did back in 1983 when he set out to find a software solution to help his wife streamline the process of paying their bills and managing their finances.  Working with Tom Proulx, they released the original version of Quicken soon thereafter and forever changed how individuals and small business manage their financial lives.  Today, as Intuit’s Chairman, Cook’s responsibilities are far broader, still the innovation factory he built has never been as nimble and disruptive as it is today.  At The Lean Startup Conference 2014, I was fortunate to grab a few minutes with Vice President of Intuit Labs, Hugh Molotsi to discuss how they build and launch successful products.  Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  • The distinguishing characteristics of Intuit’s innovative culture

  • The process of retaining and maximizing the productivity of its talent pool

  • The role of the customer in the innovation process

  • Why they opt for a different brainstorming process

  • How the Lean Startup Culture is internalized

  • The emotional capacity to manage setbacks and iterate