Lean Thinking

Janice Fraser

with Janice Fraser

Fomenter at Pivotal Labs

Lean Thinking

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Moe and Janice Fraser discuss the lean startup methodology and how she facilitates the process with teams.

The Discipline of the Lean Method

As is always the case in professional sports, deliberate practice gives you a decided advantage over your competitor; still it will never replicate actual game speed.  Similarly, understanding the fundamentals and practices of the Lean Startup Methodology is a great discipline; but putting it into practice requires the type of deliberate execution that starts with a complete mental shift.  Janice Fraser (https://twitter.com/clevergirl) has been helping aspiring entrepreneurs implement the Lean Philosophy since the book went mainstream in 2011; and in this important conversation, she’ll answer these questions:

  • The most important insights from the last 3 years

  • The common struggles and how to avoid them

  • Recognizing a good working hypothesis

  • Designing experiments that measure the right metrics

  • Creating an ideation funnel and filter

  • What Lean success looks like

  • Operationalizing the Lean Method