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Dave Kerpen

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CEO of Likeable Media

Likeable Leadership

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Dave’s latest book – Likeable Leadership – identifies the eleven traits that likeable leaders share, and while they might not surprise you, how they’ll impact your bottom line will.  Dave explains —— 

Dave Kerpen’s Story

Likeable co-founder Dave Kerpen never stops listening.  His incredible sense of authenticity and responsiveness makes him one of the most inspiring voices in marketing today. And if you haven’t heard, he certainly drinks his own cool aid.  In 2006, Dave and Carrie Fisher – his soon to be wife and business partner – decided to put on their version of a Royal wedding; and what followed was an epic case study in marketing.

“When you provide value for folks – you can do anything.  Instead of selling my wedding, I created opportunities for our vendors to have a win, to get some buzz and create an ROI for themselves.” The $100,000 sponsored wedding extravaganza took place at the Brooklyn Cyclones’ Keyspan Park in New York and Likeable media was born.”