Living As Your Whole Self

Erin Gallagher

with Erin Gallagher

Founding Partner at Have Her Back

Living As Your Whole Self

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Erin Gallagher wakes up each day to advocate for a world where we can all be our whole selves. Through the culture consultancy she co-founded, Have Her Back, and the honest conversations she catalyzes, the only way she can achieve her mission is to live it herself. We chat about being brave enough to be vulnerable, fight for what matters to you, and live a full life.

To be whole is to honor our own needs. Erin encourages us to rethink the nature of selflessness and affirms that showing up for ourselves and those we care about are not mutually exclusive. She shares how she’s learning to lower her stress threshold, rely on her A-team, and the freedom she’s found in self-care.