Living in Integrity with Martha Beck

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Living in Integrity with Martha Beck

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Martha Beck has asked thousands of people: What makes you feel like the truth is coming home to you more than anything else? Harvard-trained sociologist and world-renowned life coach, she’s found a sentence “that makes people feel this ring of truth. It is: I am meant to live in peace.” In her latest bestseller, The Way of Integrity, she shows us how to get there.

Martha’s integrity journey began with her courageous year of truth telling when she vowed not to tell a single lie. What began as a cleanse, manifested into a lifelong gateway to freedom and happiness. She shares her experience living in complete truth, beginning with the first time she heard her inner teacher – which led to the birth of her son, Adam – through seeing the light, which taught her that “the meaning of your life is not to achieve anything. It is to feel like this while you are alive.” Integrity has been her compass to cultivate that feeling. We explore how we can live in alignment with our true nature, break away from the hustle, and the magic that happens when we do.