Living Your Dreams with Sheri Salata

Sheri Salata

with Sheri Salata

Author of The Beautiful No, Co-founder of The Pillar Life, and Co-host of The Sheri + Nancy Show

Living Your Dreams with Sheri Salata

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The Beautiful No Author and The Pillar Life Co-founder Sheri Salata joins Jenna to discuss how we can “dream our life into being.” Sheri shares her daily dream practice, the power of our words shaping our experience, and how to seek fulfillment in every life pillar. We also delve into how dreaming leads us to examine our inner world to replace feelings of fear and shame with love and consciousness.

Living Your Dreams with Sheri Salata

“Your dreams are your story of creation.” 

Can you articulate yours? I’ve rarely thought about dreaming so this line from Sheri Salata stopped in my tracks. Her book, The Beautiful No, and podcast, The Sheri + Nancy Show, exposed me to the power we have to create our own reality. I instantly became intrigued and curious whether we’re missing out an integral way to design our most meaningful life. Through Sheri and Nancy’s stories and reflecting on some of my own, I saw the thorough line — Dreaming works every time. Yet, as a Type A, truthfully I wanted to know: How?

I was so grateful to sit down with Sheri to break down how dreaming not only creates our ideal future, but helps us come to peace with our past as well.

Here’s a glimpse of what we discuss:

  • How to approach dreaming as a spiritual practice and “dream your life into being.”
  • A daily dream practice to manifest your most enlightened life
  • The power of words in shaping your energy and experience
  • The two voices in our head and learning to listen to the one that says: In how many new ways can I rise today?
  • Confronting self-limiting beliefs and writing a new story for yourself
  • Freeing yourself of shame — It can’t survive in the light
  • How to “inject consciousness into every corner of your life” and make “happiness your compass”