Looker Makes Data into an Experience

Frank Bien

with Frank Bien

CEO of Looker

Looker Makes Data into an Experience

Looker Makes Data into an Experience 1000 1000 33Voices

Frank and Jenna discuss why Looker elicits an emotional response in customers and how data changes company culture. 

Learning Points

  • Looker Founder Lloyd Tabb’s belief that software has to be an act of empathy to make a true impact
  • A look into Frank and Tomasz Tunguz book Winning with Data and answering the question “How do we harness the power of curiosity and turn it into innovation using data?”
  • Brutal intellectual honesty and how it enables companies to avoid silent disagreement; “The repeatability of decision making removes pride from the conversation. The team owns the decision, not just the team’s leader.” 
  • The game-changing impact of truthfully analyzing your culture; Understanding what you like about yourself, what makes you successful as well as what you need to improve or remove
  • Looker’s kitchen table and how it streamlines community and the onboarding process