Making Design Simple for Everyone

Melanie Perkins

with Melanie Perkins

Founder & CEO of Canva

Making Design Simple for Everyone

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Chase Jennings & Jenna Abdou chat with Melanie Perkins about her startup Canva

99 Problems But Design Ain’t One

Written by Jenna Abdou

It’s not everyday a startup is compared to industry leaders like Apple, eBay, and Google – However, Melanie Perkins’ genuine excitement about Canva has me agreeing with Guy Kawaski’s prediction.

In their first year democratizing design, Canva’s attracted over 600,000 users who actively vocalize their appreciation. Marketing expert John Haydon describes the platform as “revolutionizing design” and Marketing Foodie Connie Lu coins the platform as a tool she can’t live without.

When Melanie explained that the team has only accomplished 1% of their goal she reminded me of Paul Berry’s advice for scaling startups to maintain a simple slogan. Whether she’s creating adventure books to hire engineers or learning to kite surf for a VC meeting, Melanie’s unmatchable drive is reflective of Paul’s advice and will be the reason Canva fulfills Kawaski’s assertion.


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