The Startup Growth Process

Yuri Sagalov

with Yuri Sagalov

Co-founder and CEO of AeroFS/Amium

The Startup Growth Process

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CEO & co-founder of AeroFS/Amium, and Part-time partner at YCombinator, Yuri Sagalov joins Moe Abdou to discuss the startup growth process. 

Managing The Startup Growth Process

For every one successful startup, thousands more fail – and while there’s no one way to drive an idea forward; there are a core set of principles that can, and often will improve the odds of early success.  In this conversation, I am joined by Y Combinator part-time partner and co-founder and CEO of Amium, Yuri Sagalov to discuss the common missteps that trap early stage companies, and the ways in which YC companies overcome them.  Here are a few the areas that we explore:

  • The process of vetting an idea
  • The first six month – aligning priorities and objectives
  • Assembling the initial team
  • What to do when a team member is not a good fit
  • The evolving role of the customer
  • The most difficult leadership challenge
  • The most common question YC founders ask
  • Navigating and networking effectively in Silicon Valley 
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