Love as a Compass Through Loss

Marisa Renee Lee

with Marisa Renee Lee

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Love as a Compass Through Loss

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“If you are going to live a full life after loss, you have to find your way back to joy,” writes Marisa Renee Lee.

In Grief Is Love, she unveils love as the compass to get there.

Marisa shares insight on navigating our healing journeys, from giving ourselves permission to grieve to naming our feelings and creating a healing circle of family and friends. Her definition of grief — as “the repeated experience of learning to live in the midst of a significant loss” — helps us cultivate the acceptance and grace we need to find our center in a new reality.

Living with grief since the heartbreaking loss of her mother continues to teach Marisa that “love never dies.” She illuminates how we can stay connected to our loved ones by embodying their values and rebuilding their pillar of love in our lives.

Image Credit: David Needleman