Masters of Innovation

Kai Engel

with Kai Engel

Partner and MD Germany, A.T. Kearney

Masters of Innovation

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Moe and Kai Engel talk about how innovation is the most important and only sustainable source of economic growth for companies and countries

Masters of Innovation

I appreciated the opportunity to chat today with Kai Engel, partner at the global consultancy, A.T. Kearney.  Together with Violetka Dirlea, Stephen Dyer, and Jochen Graff, the four Kearney partners released, Masters Of Innovation: Building The Perpetually Innovation Company, to chronicle their work with world class brands to demonstrate that innovation is a “repeatable process that can be studied, learned, and practiced.”   

In my conversation with Kai, we’ll discuss these key findings:

  • The DNA of the great innovators whom they worked with

  • The best innovators are often those most under pressure

  • Reimagining business models

  • The process of replacing old thinking with modern thinking

  • The discipline of execution

  • The leader’s role in driving innovation

  • The ultimate outcome of innovation