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Mette Norgaard

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Time out for You!

Leadership has always been about people; and the best leaders excel at inspiring greatness in others. Say what you

will, but we live in absolutely a magical era.  The hyper-connected app world has both enriched our lives and

stretched our thinking; but perhaps most important of all, it’s given each of us an opportunity to step up and lead.


Although there’s no shortage of leadership advice, I was particularly impressed by the message of the brilliant new book – Touchpoints –  by Campbell Soup CEO Douglas Conant and Leadership maven Mette Norgaard.  They emphasize that leadership is strictly personal, and the most effective leaders are the ones who personalize leadership models that embody their true essence.  To be consistent, leaders need to master what they call ‘head ~ a very clear mind for leadership; heart ~ clear and authentic intentions; and hands ~ incredible competence.’