Mindful Leadership

Janice Marturano

with Janice Marturano

Founder of Institute for Mindful Leadership

Mindful Leadership

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Moe, Marilyn and Janice discuss proven techniques for promoting mindfulness in the busy executive’s working life.

Finding the Space to Lead

Great leaders transcend companies, cultures, and ultimately themselves.  Spend a day in their presence, and you’ll know why they’re drawn to leadership – almost universally, you’ll discover that each of them yearns to leave the world a better place.  To them, it’s less about earnings projections and much more about human dignity.  When the rest of the world is fixated on problems, you’ll find them contemplating the possibilities.  To a person, they hardly shy away from making the tough decisions; and despite the consequences, they understand that their ultimate freedom to lead will only come when they accept the responsibility to let go.

As the frontman of the band U2, Bono has become one of the most influential humanitarians of our generations.  Not only has his work persuaded global leaders to rethink their contributions to the world’s poorest countries; his One foundation and RED campaigns have galvanized an entire generation to seek alternative solutions.  At the heart of Bono’s leadership philosophy is compassion, to him “Real leadership is when everyone else feels in charge.”  More than ever, a leader today needs to be mindful of how and why he does what he does, and as Janice Marturano demonstrates in – Finding the Space to Lead:  A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership, it starts with focus, clarity, creativity and compassion.  Here’s a simple mindful technique that will have a profound impact on you.