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MJ DeMarco: Get Rich Quick

Anyone who takes the road less traveled gets my attention.  Today, I was particularly impressed by self-made millionaire and entrepreneur, MJ DeMarco when I discovered his ‘Fastlane’ path to building businesses and creating wealth.  His philosophy ‘The Fastlane’ helps entrepreneurs swap out hope and time for control and leverage in order to create exponential wealth quickly.  MJ was attracted to entrepreneurship at age 12, but it took the usual model of repeated failures before he learned that approaching business from a selfish perspective rarely works.  His big ah-ha came when he “stopped focusing on my own selfishness and instead started to focus on the selfishness of others.”


He describes a ‘Fastlane’ business as one that follows “The five commandments”:  

| The need commandment  – find a business that solves a particular problem.

| The entry commandment – find a business that has a barrier to entry.

| The control commandment – find a business that enables you to control every aspect of your business.

| The scale commandment – find a business that can scale to the masses.

| The time commandment – find a business that you can divorce yourself from periodically.


I get the sense that when MJ wrote “The Millionaire Fastlane”, he had a deep desire to share.  He has build a fundamentally 

sound approach to building a business that scales by not settling for mediocrity, ‘To get where you want to go, you have to

align yourself with the right mentality. If you don’t want mediocrity, you can’t do what the crowd is doing.’