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A Better Approach to Wellness

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In a conversation about modern masculinity, Moe is joined by the co-founders of ASYSTEM – Josh LeVine & Oli Walsh to explore the concept of betterment and the essence of optimal performance. 

The Myths of Modern Masculinity

Since my interview with Tim Samuels this past summer regarding his book – FutureMan – I’ve been particularly intrigued by his thesis of how modern masculinity is evolving and why this generation of males will likely redefine the very nature of what it means to be a man in 2020 and beyond. 

As someone who’s always trying to access the highest version of himself, I appreciate very much the opportunity to explore dialogue that enhances my viewpoints, and this is a category that I’m learning has far reaching impact.  As such, I’ve made it a priority to incorporate it in each of my interviews – with both males and females – to simply get a sense of how others see modern manhood.  

The opinions are as varied as the personalities, still the one constant that’s almost universal, is the need for today’s man to evolve – and, that’s why I’m excited about the work that Josh Levine and Oli Walsh are doing with ASYSTEM  Not only have they created superior wellness products for men; more importantly, they introduced the concept of betterment to inspire this generation to reach higher and think deeper.  I am delighted to share their message and to join their crusade of reimagining the entire concept of better.  Here’s what we discuss in this episode: 

  • Why wellness isn’t enough for the modern man?
  • What the concept of betterment really means?
  • The myths of modern masculinity?
  • What to expect from the Asystem products?
  • The key issues that men are choosing not to talk about, but should?
  • What a woman’s version of a modern man looks like?
  • Why mental health is not a fad shouldn’t be ignored?
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