Shama Hyder

with Shama Hyder

Founder and CEO of Marketing Zen


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Moe Abdou welcomes back, Shama Hyder to discuss her new book, Momentum, and to explore the strategies that propelled her company, The Marketing Zen Group to new levels of growth.  

Elevating Your Marketing Momentum

One of the great joys of our work is watching great companies and the individuals who lead them evolve.  A few years ago when I first interviewed Shama Hyder, she was a first time author, having just released, The Zen Of Social Media Marketing, and an aspiring entrepreneur who was zealous about helping Fortune 500 companies make sense of the accelerating landscape in social media.  Fast forward three years and not only has she released her second book, Momentum:  How to Propel Your Marketing and Transform Your Brand in the Digital Age, her company, The Marketing Zen Group has quadrupled both in size and impact; and as you’ll hear in my latest conversation with her, she’s a leader who’s very deliberate about her approach to growth.  

Here’s what you can expect:

  • What triggered her exponential growth

  • How navigating her own growth has impacted her work with clients

  • The big, absolute no-no in modern marketing

  • The one marketing strategy that she still consistently recommends

  • The five principles of Momentum

  • Why you should always start with analytics

  • How not to approach your content strategy