Narrative_ is Redefining the Rules of Storytelling

Tricia Clarke Stone

with Tricia Clarke Stone

Co-founder and CEO of Narrative_

Narrative_ is Redefining the Rules of Storytelling

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Tricia and Jenna discuss the emotional elements that distinguish legacy stories and why the only way to make an outstanding impact in the world is to set high expectations. 

Insights from Tricia

On Shaping Culture: 

  • “As marketers, it’s our responsibility to craft and create the images and conversations that influence culture.”
  • “Storytelling is so powerful because emotional connections live on as legacies.”
  • Great stories are rooted in possibility. Good marketing should trigger a shift in you from one level of thinking to another.”
  • “Technology amplifies, enhances, and scales creativity. Don’t leverage tech for tech’s sake or disrupt the status quo just because. Our work is always tied to a human truth: Why are we doing this? Why are people going to care?”

On Setting Extraordinary Expectations in Life and Business: 

  • “When you’re setting a goal you need to know why you are setting it and what success looks like when you get there. Identify your whitespace and then figure out the nugget that is going to make it ownable.  Always gravitate towards positions where you can make an impact.”
  • “We are helping brands change and future proof their business. We are scaling a creative agency with the discipline of an innovation lab. We want to go from a 1.0 to a 2.0. 1.0 is when you  look at your arsenal and create a roadmap. 2.0 is when you throw that out the window and figure out what hasn’t been done before. That’s how you change the game.”
  • “You always need to have a north star. If you don’t set high expectations for yourself, you don’t have the opportunity to make something extraordinary or be a first.”
  • “The plan starts the fire. Serendipity generates the fireworks.”

On Building Relationships: 

  • “I like to ask candidates about the types of games they like to play.  It’s disarming….Games are something you do in your spare time because your competitive or passionate about them. It adds another dimension to the person I’m meeting with and gives me a sense of what they are interested in and what drives them. Are they playing for the love of it or because they want to win?”
  • “Build relationships for the sake of knowing great people, not closing deals. It’s about knowing someone, not meeting them.”