Navigating the Hard Work of Relationships

Jenna McCarthy

with Jenna McCarthy


Navigating the Hard Work of Relationships

Navigating the Hard Work of Relationships 896 1200 33Voices

Moe and Jenna discuss the hard work involved with relationships and various solutions on the common problems.

Relationships Are Hard Work

During two contrasting meetings today, I walked away with a greater appreciation of just how contagious someone with a sense of humor can be.  After a somewhat inspiring coffee visit with a bold entrepreneur pitching a very cool idea, I had the opportunity to meet a young man, just six month out of college, who had me captivated as much with his wit as with his ambition.  

In a very cordial manner, he acknowledged his appreciation for my time, and quickly proceeded to ask me a question about his relationship with his wife.  Sensing my state of shock, he leaned towards me with a smile and said ‘oh, don’t worry – we’ve been together since high school, and she’s very lucky to have me.‘ I couldn’t help by chuckle, and as I began to say something, he stopped me to say ‘and, I bet you’re thinking that I’m too young to get married.‘  My mind was certainly glued to that thought, still I didn’t say anything.

Still leaning forward, he asked my advice on ‘having a super awesome relationship’ with his wife.  Fortunately for me, I’ve been blessed with such a relationship for the past 24 years and could lend some advice, and to add some humor to a very serious topic, I turned to my iPad for this advice from Jenna McCarthy.