Our Journey of Self Discovery

Abby Morgan

with Abby Morgan

Co-founder and CMO at CUUP

Our Journey of Self Discovery

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“To self actualize is to self define truth for you.” CUUP Co-founder Abby Morgan’s mission is to empower women to discover our own truths and harness them to craft our most fulfilling lives. We chat about self-discovery and attuning to our intuition as ways to inspire reflection, expansion, and empowerment to live each day authentically. Abby shares how she’s learned to let go of the narratives that keep us from feeling our way through life by relinquishing the need to create meaning from them and striving to lean into the now with a sense of aliveness and possibility. Connection with ourselves and each other is essential to our wellbeing. We explore how vulnerability, unconditional love, and holding space can illuminate our shared experiences. Woven together, our unique stories create a beautiful tapestry.