Our Path To Inner Freedom

August Vega

with August Vega

CEO and Founder of MALK Organics

Our Path To Inner Freedom

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MALK Organics Founder August Vega and Jenna explore the defining question of our human experience: How do we attain inner freedom? This is our lifelong journey and August shares practices to help us consciously release our fears, shed our egos, and accept impermanence to cultivate inner peace.

Our Path To Inner Freedom

What does freedom mean to you? It’s the topic I was most eager to discuss with MALK Organics Founder August Vega when I learned that freedom is her ultimate goal. I was curious about how she defines it and what we might all do to be truly free. She illuminated the path with her insight —“The more you shed your ego the more space you create in your life” — and throughout our conversation shared the essential elements of doing so. I especially appreciated the way she approaches this journey as both lifelong and daily: The conscious choice to free ourselves from our fears, attachments, reactive emotions, and societal expectations. This inner peace is true freedom. It nourishes our being.

The Vega family has played an impactful role in my life with MALK so it was very special to have August on the show. I’m grateful to share our conversation and hope these philosophies and practices may help us all cultivate a greater sense of inner freedom.

Here’s a glimpse of what we discuss:

  • The transformational impact of moving your body every day
  • Shifting your mindset from self-sacrifice to self-compassion
  • Why the more you accept impermanence the more balanced you become
  • August’s daily ask of herself: Let go of your fears
  • Understanding your ego and how to detach from it
  • How journaling helps us identify the root of our fears
  • Reflection as the conscious choice to derive a positive lesson from every experience
  • New and full moon rituals to cultivate what you want and let go of what you don’t