“The Majesty of the Human Spirit”

Peggy Callahan

with Peggy Callahan

Filmmaker and Human Rights Activist

“The Majesty of the Human Spirit”

“The Majesty of the Human Spirit” 900 900 33Voices

 “We’ve really become something quite special. I think at the time of my death, I will remember you.” 

My eyes filled with tears when The Dalai Lama said this to Archbishop Desmond Tutu during their last conversations captured in Mission: Joy. 

They center on the concept of Ubuntu that the Archbishop describes “We can only be human together.”and awaken us to our belonging to the human family. Ubuntu not only reflects how we contribute to each other’s vitality. It illuminates how caring for each other elevates our own. 

This week, we have the gift of meeting Peggy Callahan, producer and co-director of Mission: Joy: the documentary that invites us to the Holy brothers’ table. As a human rights activist, whose teams at Voices4Freedom and Free the Slaves have helped free over 15,000 people, she embodies the values they discuss. 

Peggy’s stories about people overcoming unimaginable trauma and dedicating their lives to helping others reflect our innate nature to support each other in achieving our shared human freedoms and desires. Her’s is driven by an unreasonable love. 

“Unreasonable love is that force that compels you, sustains you, and inspires you to keep moving when the journey ahead feels too hard,” she says. “We all have something we really care about, want to change, create, or learn.”