Playing Big

Tara Mohr

with Tara Mohr

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Playing Big

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Moe and Tara Sophia Mohr discuss how to find your voice, your mission and your message. 

Brilliant Women Play Big

Tara Sophia Mohr has an amazing gift – the gift to ignite greatness in any woman who’s brave enough to see beyond her limitations.  Her work is a self-portrait of how far she’s come; both as a person and as a prominent voice for female leaders.  Like most of us, she’s had to overcome self-doubt, a harsh inner critic, and above all her vulnerabilities; still its the depth of her authenticity that makes her so convincing.  Her latest book, Playing Big:  Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message, she not only gives you a compelling reason to elevate your goals; more importantly, she’ll show her how others, just like you, have done it.  Here’s are a few of the topics we explore:

  • How to recognize when you’re called to do something big

  • The mental shift required to think and act bigger

  • Moving beyond your inner critic

  • How confident women increase your confidence

  • Can learning to love criticism elevate your courage

  • How to communicate with power

  • How brilliant women maintain their health