Poshmark’s Social Commerce is Redefining Retail

Manish Chandra

with Manish Chandra

Founder and CEO of Poshmark

Poshmark’s Social Commerce is Redefining Retail

Poshmark’s Social Commerce is Redefining Retail 800 1200 33Voices

Manish and Jenna discuss how Poshmark’s social commerce is filling the gap in e-commerce to pioneer the future of fashion.

Learning Points

  • The rapid growth of Poshmark’s community – 1 in 10 women in America use the platform where a sale is made every two seconds 
  • Poshmark’s new brands program and how they’re giving sellers access to wholesale merchandise to build their boutiques 
  • Pioneering social commerce, why human connection is the glue that connects sellers and shoppers, and what it means for big brands (Read more from Manish here
  • The role accessibility and interaction will play in the future of fashion and the opportunity Poshmark gives sellers to customize clothing and handbags; “Brands are being morphed in the hands of a community and transforming into brands with a new kind of emotional appeal.” 
  • The turning point when Poshmark became a verb 
  • The three tenets of Poshmark’s love first culture – for their team and community – and why they believe in embracing your weirdness 
  • A maniacal focus on customer experience; Manish still talks to at least 100 Poshmark customers a day