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Power Score

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Moe and Alan Foster talk about a breakthrough formula for how the best leaders and teams deliver results.

A Modern Formula for Leadership Success

This morning, I had a fascinating conversation about leadership with a delightful group of aspiring entrepreneurs.  They were young, smart and ambitious, yet despite having never been in an official leadership capacity, they were mystified by   the elusiveness of great leaders. They wondered why the practice of leadership was so challenging for so many. They debated the responsibilities of a leader and her leadership team, they questioned the integrity of the C-suite; and they certainly weren’t bashful to voice their disgust at the level of corruption taking place around the world.  To them, the most valuable insight they gain from observing today’s leaders is ‘everything not to do.’  

It was serendipitous that I had just read Geoff Smart, Randy Street and Alan Foster’s, Power Score: Your Formula for Leadership Success, and couldn’t help but admire the intuitive assessment of these six emerging leaders.  They understood that great leadership boils down to people, and for the rare few who are able to truly internalize that; their legacy will forever be remembered.  I spoke with Alan Foster about that issue and much more in this interview — here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What great leaders don’t do

  • The Power Score formula – Priorities x Who x Relationships

  • How to know when your priorities are aligned

  • The difference between goals and priorities

  • The science behind consistently attracting A-players

  • The #1 reason that A-players will choose to work for your company

  • How the upper echelon of leaders approach relationships