Raising Consciousness Through Unconditional Love

Molly Hayward

with Molly Hayward

Founder of Cora and Blood and Milk

Raising Consciousness Through Unconditional Love

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Cora Founder Molly Hayward and Jenna discuss how we can unconditionally love ourselves and each other and harness our individual power to elevate human consciousness. We explore how to deepen our connection to our bodies, shed the patterns that no longer serve us, and lean into our breath as the gateway to our higher self.

Raising Consciousness Through Unconditional Love

“What does it mean to unconditionally love everyone and ourselves?”

Take a moment to reflect on that question. What does unconditional love mean to you?

“Unconditional love is stripping away all needs and expectations and seeing each other and ourselves as a manifestation of perfection,” Cora Founder Molly Hayward shared. Judgement, on the other hand, is “the root of conditional love. When we ask someone to change, we’re asking them to do the hard work so we don’t have to.”

Molly’s powerful response unveils everything from detaching from our egos to honoring one another and elevating human consciousness. In our conversation, we explore the different avenues to do so through unconditional love. Her wisdom will call you to deepen your sense of being to enhance your own life experience as well as others.

Here’s a glimpse of what we discuss…

  • The freedom of letting go of things that aren’t aligned with your highest good
  • The process of shedding old patterns as one of “decomposition…with little pieces falling off of you over time”
  • Our individual ability to raise human consciousness by taking responsibility for the way we show up in the world
  • The meaning of unconditional love and choosing to honor the true essence of ourselves and each other
  • Deepening our connection to our bodies as the source of our intuition
  • Our breath as a gateway to our higher self and acknowledging that “the way you breathe is the way you live.”