Redefining the Social Profile

Elan Miller

with Elan Miller

Co-Founder and CEO at Glimpse

Redefining the Social Profile

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Jenna and Elan chat about Glimpse, the one app separating you from your insta-crush.

Thanks to Glimpse, You Can Finally Meet Your Insta Crush

Aside from getting to spend the day with my family, nothing brings me greater joy on Sundays than Karan Soni’s agape expression as he shouts “My selfie just hit 100 likes!” in AT&T’s Network Guys commercial

Soni’s enthused response is an accurate reflection of my generation’s Instagram addiction and reveals millennial’s preference to show rather than tell. 

Whether I’m seeing photos my brother’s college photos or following Rameet Chawla’s wild adventures (If you don’t follow the Fueled founder you should do so immediately – You won’t regret it) Instagram gives us an inside view into our friends’ lives; To put it simply, it’s become a place for self expression that requires little, and excuse the pun, no filter. 

Elan Miller is capitalizing on theses meaningful connections with his NY startup Glimpse, a dating service that will help you meet a girlfriend, boyfriend, and even someone who shares your passion for Sunday brunch based on your Instagram feed.

To learn more about Glimpse tune into my conversation with Elan and download the app here.