Reinventing the Home Workout

Dave Grijalva

with Dave Grijalva

VP, Engineering/Co-Founder at FitStar

Reinventing the Home Workout

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Chase & Jenna interview Dave Grijalva about Fitstar, a Google Ventures-backed company that’s making personalized fitness a reality.

Fueled by FitStar

Two years and two iterations after being founded in Silicon Valley, FitStar’s been recognized as the best fitness app due it’s acute interpretation of each user’s actual fitness capabilities. Running on an automated algorithm, the app customizes workouts for users while also providing quick workouts – like Alpine Blitz, Date Night and Rock Steady – for people to add to their daily routines. 

Whether it’s standout NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez or founder and owner of Strala, Tara Stiles motivating you to push pass your threshold, there’s something unique about FitStar that gets your blood pumping and excited to workout; So much so, that FitStar has a 10% return rate on their subscription model, versus the average 2% response in the gaming community. 

Co-founder and Head of Engineering, Dave Grijalva joins us to discuss the engineering, partnership and funding strategies, he’s funded by one of our thought leaders Roger McNamee, leading to the app’s five star reviews. Tune in to learn about the Workout Wednesday’s fueling the team and check out Fitstar here