Release the Power of Your Organization’s Values

The 31 Practices

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Release the Power of Your Organization’s Values

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Moe, Alan Williams and Alison Whybrow discuss a unique approach to help senior executives and entrepreneurs build more purposeful organizations and a framework to measure it.


Like any great sports franchise, an enduring business is one that never stops evolving and reinventing itself.  I realize that the term ‘reinventing’ is way overused in business, still it’s an apt description of those brands we most admire.  And, while the characteristics of such a brand are many, it almost always starts at the top.  Alan Williams and Alison Whybrow have made it their life’s work to help forward thinking organizations bring their values to life, and in their book – The 31 Practices:  Release the power of your organization’s VALUES every day; they share a simple daily practice that if you start to apply, you’ll get a glimpse of what you’ve been missing.  In this conversation, they’ll go beyond the practices to share these insights:

  • What greatness in an organization looks like

  • Why the brightest talent is more attracted to cause than company

  • How the notion of Being vs Doing impacts how you lead

  • Why your true power is at the intersection of Heart, Mind and Body

  • The practice of self-regulating your behavior

  • What the field of Neuroscience is teaching us about how we learn

  • What the most progressive leaders are learning