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Revolutionizing Mobile Browsing and Publishing

Revolutionizing Mobile Browsing and Publishing 512 512 33Voices

Chase and Jenna catch up with Paul and Simon of MAZ Digital on their successful launch of Stream and the entrepreneurial wisdom they acquired along the way. 

Enjoy the Process

Amongst always giving my best effort and encouraging (forcing) me to be a Redskins fan my dad has always told me to ‘enjoy the process.’ Between 80 page papers and learning to embrace failure, I rarely practiced the sentiment; Instead subscribing to the mentality of heads down dedication until I achieved my goal. Three months into working full time, my dad’s advice continues to emerge in our Founders interviews urging me to find truth in the insight after all.

When designing and hosting apps for brands like Conde Nast, USA Today Sports and Forbes was no longer enough to keep Paul, Simon and Shikha stimulated they decided to build Stream Web – a web browser optimized for sharing. Although the task ahead was momentous, including competing with servers like Chrome and Firefox, Paul explains that the founders enjoyed the process by embracing ambiguity, identifying trends in the market and waiting for the right time to bring the team in and produce.

As the team celebrates four years of publishing at MAZ, thousands of Stream Web downloads and their most recent iteration allowing users to share content anonymously, it’s clear that their ability to enjoy the process is not only leading to their success but proving Moe Abdou right after all. Thanks, Dad…