Rising Above Adversity

Norman Rosenthal

with Norman Rosenthal

Internationally Acclaimed Psychiatrist

Rising Above Adversity

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In this inaugural episode of the ‘Living Rich’ series, Moe Abdou & Dr. Norman Rosenthal begin to explore life’s most essential questions.

Rising Above Adversity

For those of you who listen to any of the 33voices programs, you know that I have a deep sense of appreciation for what it takes to build any type of business and to complement that by living a meaningful, and rich life – the two aren’t mutually exclusive – but, let’s face it, they’re tough to pull off.  So, in 10+ years of interviewing 1300+ founders, senior executives, creators, venture capitalists, investment bankers, political figures, thought leaders, and prodigies – the one recurring lesson that keeps coming up is this  – At any given moment – somebody, somewhere is going through a challenging situation – and, unless you have access to & the wherewithal to engage a real pro, like Dr. Rosenthal –  you’re likely going at it alone – and that’s probably the worst thing you can do.  So we want to change that.

As far as I know, there’s not a safe platform online to talk openly about these things – to try and truly understand, not just what’s happening, but what you can do about it.  So, what we’re launching today is an unfiltered conversation about life’s greatest challenges.  Just like we do with 33voices, each week, we’ll be joined by some of the most progressive thinkers on the planet to answer your pressing questions – with the ultimate objective of leaving you in a better place.

Here’s what we discuss in this inaugural episode:

  • Understanding the gift of adversity
  • The process of approaching a difficult situation
  • What to do if you’re forced out of your own company
  • How to handle the realization that you’re unbearable to work with
  • Learning to rise above your emotions
  • When not to calm your mind
  • The science behind meditation