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Author of The Inside Advantage: The Strategy That Unlocks the Hidden Growth in Your Business

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The New Expert

First impressions leave permanent imprints.  In marketing this is often referred to as ‘The moment of truth’ or as Robert Bloom likes to say, ‘The now or never moment.’  This is the first point of contact that a potential customer has with your business and today, more than likely this happens on the web.  So are you prepared?  Is your web site compelling enough to make a memorable impression?


Former Publicis CEO, Bloom understands that the surest way to connect with your customers is to live in their brain and to deliver on what they want, every time!  As a marketer, this, of course, starts with thinking like a buyer and having an engaging, buyer-centric web site.  “Your home page must grab the visitor, differentiate you from your competitors and define the single most important benefit you’re providing your customers.’  Here, it’s about clarity, inspiration and a high level of customer engagement.  Invite your potential customers to “test drive” your program or “sample” your product; but do it with an authentic voice and a clear intention to add value.  


Here’s Bob discussing the best ways to capture “The New Experts”…. .