Savoring Life

Giancarla Bodoni

with Giancarla Bodoni

Executive Chef at Monteverdi Tuscany

Savoring Life

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“Anything you do with purpose, passion, and true intent, people are going to feel that.”

Take one look at Monteverdi Tuscany and you’ll share Executive Chef Giancarla Bodoni’s belief that it feels like heaven. Her only wish? Arriving there sooner. Nestled in the Italian hills, the sanctuary is a manifestation of the connection Giancarla has nurtured throughout her life; to nature as a leader in the farm-to-table movement, to her community through loving care, and to the world by living with a higher purpose.

We chat about savoring beauty and how slowing down has offered her a richer inner and outer life, all whilst continuing to innovate in her field. Admired for her craft, Giancarla shares her artistic lens on cooking and the importance of honoring our symbiotic relationship with nature.